Spring Update (plus album stuffs!)

Amps & Lamps, our first full length CD, is just a little more than a month away from release. The songs are recorded and mixed. The album artwork is done. The release party is booked. Just the final spit and polish left to do and it’s a done deal. It’s a wonderful time and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’re looking at a June 3rd release on all the online stores and we’ll have the physical CDs shortly thereafter, just in time for our string of summer shows! It sure took a long time to get here. If we’d have had it our way the album would have been done and released much sooner but as everyone knows the last two years have been very consistent in smashing everyone’s plans. 

The songs on the CD were recorded at Hillside Audio in Ottawa in the span of just over a year, with the first studio sessions going back to January 2021. We went back in during April 2021 and were finally able to finish up in March of this year. Engineered, mixed, and produced by the most excellent human Cameron Dunn, the album is a victory lap for us. It’s a concrete, tangible sign that we made it through the last two years with something constructive to show for it. Something that will last. Something to be proud of. And boy are we ever!

The songs capture a lot of the frustrations we all experienced over the last 24 months, but yet still have an element of hope, almost like we were craning our necks looking for the light at the end of the tunnel the whole time. We think you can feel it in the music. We hope you’ll agree!

We can’t wait to play these songs live for you. We’ll be back on stage in June, starting on the 18th in Kingston at one of our favourite spots on the planet, Overtime Sports BarThe following week on June 25th we’re having the release party at Cafe Dekcuf in downtown Ottawa. We’ll be joined by our friends in Hot Jupiter, Trenchfoot, and Black Water Brigade.

We’ll also be playing at the White Water Rocks ‘Summerdaze’ festival in Westmeath, Ontario in August and it’s a sure bet we’ll be adding more shows so stay tuned!