Why We Had To Make A New Facebook Page (and also, F@#K All Scammers)

We have a new Facebook page! Check it out at Wyntr – Hard Rock from Ottawa

As many of you know, last week the Wyntr Facebook page was hacked and we lost all access to it. Even more disturbing is that it happened to a few Ottawa-based bands within a very short period on the same evening. It really felt…targeted. Needless to say we began navigating the process of trying to get it back but, sadly, we were unsuccessful. We do want to send a MASSIVE shoutout to our brothers in Rockin’ Engine (who themselves were one of these scammers’ victims that night) for going out of their way to try and find ways to help us out. We were thrilled when we learned they had regained control of their page with no damage done. They are amazing humans and you should all pause your reading here and go show them some love. It’s OK, we’ll refill our coffees in the meantime…

[…coffee machine gurgling noises over a background of the theme from Jeopardy…]

Cool, thanks for doing that, those guys deserve all the love. So, as we were saying, we ended up having to start over and make a brand new page. We paid WAY more attention to the security aspects this time. Of course it’s 2022 and you might be thinking we should have known better, and you’d be right. But in our defense the idea that a small-ish local rock band’s Facebook page would be considered an enticing target to steal never even crossed our minds. Lesson learned.

We’ll be adding back some of the old content to the page as we dig it up on our hard drives, along with our usual shenanigans just like we used to so be sure to go give it a like and follow!

PRO TIP: if it doesn’t say Wyntr – Hard Rock from Ottawa it isn’t us! If you see anything from a page that looks like ours but doesn’t have the ‘Hard Rock from Ottawa’ in the name, it’s the old page and you should take the opportunity to unlike it and unfollow it as it’s being run by scammers.

Now, in some more music-related news, in just a couple of weeks we’ll be back at Hillside Audio recording the last bits of our first full-length album. The new songs are off the scale good if we do say so ourselves – including another surprise cover. The plan is to release the album sometime during the summer and with a little luck get some shows in to support it. We all understand that’s not a guarantee but we’re staying positive…we’ll see how it goes.

Whatever ends up happening you know we’re going to want to tell you about it and this monthly blog is a great way to stay up to date on a lot of what we’re up to behind the scenes. We hope you come back and visit often so as not to miss anything!

Thanks for your continued support, we truly appreciate it and love you all. We’ll see you again, somewhere near, somewhen soon.