New Music! “DOOR” Lyric Video on YouTube!

Our optimism in March may have been a little misplaced – as you all obviously know we were locked down again, this time tighter than before. But that’s not going to keep us from being busy busy busy! The songs we recorded with Cameron Dunn at Hillside Audio were all mixed and mastered during the past month and guess what…THEY’RE READY!

We’re going to let “DOOR” out the door first because we made a really cool video for it. The single is set for a May 7th release on the major streaming platforms, and normally the video would be released on the same day, but were doing something a little different this time…

See, we get that all this waiting and waiting really sucks.Waiting for an end to lockdown, waiting for a vaccine, waiting for an appointment to get the vaccine. It gets old fast. We feel that, and that’s why we’re going to release the video for “DOOR” right away.