New Videos on the way!

Just before the COVID-19 outbreak we were fortunate to have worked with Jessy Dwyer and his team at Beyond the Pit Productions to make not one but two videos. Jessy filmed us doing a live play through of Toilet in the studio at Hillside Audio, and later at a BTP-organized show at Babylon Nightclub he captured us playing a new song from our next album called Bleed.

Both videos are in final editing now and we hope to make them available soon. We also have a couple of fan vids from the Babylon show that actually sound pretty good despite cell phone audio and we’ll probably include those too, so keep an eye out!

Finally, all these new vids will appear on a brand new YouTube channel we’re in the process of tweaking. Stay tuned for that announcement!

Peace out everyone, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Our debut EP is DONE!!

It’s been a long road. Way back in March of 2018 we made our way to Hillside Audio in Ottawa to record some tracks. It was a bit of an uncertain time for us. We were excited to start working on our debut EP but we didn’t have a vocalist at the time, so the recordings would have to remain as instrumental bed tracks until we found one.

Enter Will Andrade. Will came on board that summer and started working on putting vocals down on the tracks. Through the fall and winter of 2018 we had a busy gig and rehearsal schedule and the project was temporarily put on the back burner. We finally got back to recording in the summer of 2019, getting Will’s vocals down on a few tracks, but we ended up parting ways with Will in the fall of 2019 so the EP project was back on hold yet again while we figured out how to move forward.

That’s when Ryan Conway decided (with some friendly urging) that he’d step up to the plate and took on the task of vocals on top of his guitar duties. It was a perfect fit. We spent the November and December of 2019 re-recording all the vocals – with the exception of Ryde. We felt that Will was big part of the band during a period of growth for us and it was important to us that we acknowledge that. As a result the version of Ryde that appears on the EP is the original vocal that Will recorded back in 2018.

We spent January mixing and mastering the EP and we can FINALLY say….IT’S DONE! Check out the tracks on the Music page (they’re all there!). The EP is making its way to the major online stores and should be available on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play and all the others shortly.

We hope you enjoy the music, it’s been a long time coming! There will be a limited run of physical CDs available in the near future as well…stay tuned!

…and then there were three

We haven’t updated this blog in a bit…fixing that now 🙂

September and October were interesting months to say the least. We didn’t play any shows in September but our beat-master Lorne Keefe ran a freaking marathon! Yeah, he does that. Last year he ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon to raise funds for breast cancer and this year he ran in the Canada Army Run here in Ottawa. How cool is that!

In October we parted ways with Will Andrade, who has moved on to the lead vocals role in Soul in Stone (check out their Facebook page here!). We wish Will all the best in his new project and we look forward to sharing the stage with him again on December 7th at the Rainbow Bistro for the CHEO benefit, where Soul in Stone will be performing along with The Dirty Deeds Club, Danny Van Sceney, Psychosonic, The Power Goats and, of course, us!

We spent the rest of October transforming ourselves into a trio. Ryan Conway stepped up to do vocals in addition to his guitar duties and we went through the material one song at a time making the necessary changes. We got to put it all to the test on November 2nd at Moose McGuire’s. We think it turned out well!

The next task was to re-record the vocals on as many songs as we could and that process in ongoing…Sandwich and Pinkeye are done, the rest will trickle out as we finish them.

So that’s about it for now, check back often for more news and happenings!


What’s up in August?

The summer heat is beating down but Wyntr will keep you cool! We’ve been keeping busy with a rehearsal space move and writing some new songs. We’re putting the finishing touches on some new recordings and we hope to have those available for you sometime before the end of the month. Look for announcements here and/or on our socials.

On August 13th we’ll be at Cafe Dekcuf supporting hard rockers Loaded Gun from France and DOAN from Montreal as they swing through Ottawa on their eastern Canada tour. We’re really excited about this one, we hope a bunch of you can make it out!

Peace out!

Review: Wyntr @ The Rainbow March 8, 2019

We we fortunate to have Andrew Depedro come out to The Rainbow Bistro on a chilly March evening when we joined The Dirty Deeds Club, Danny Van Sceney and Restless Soul in support of the Ottawa Humane Society. Here’s Andrew’s review:

Wyntr Live In Ottawa

RE! SPECT! Walkies? Local Rockers Wyntr Bring The Rough And Ruff Housin’ To The Rainbow Bistro Stage For Charity, Ottawa, Canada, March 8, 2019

By Andrew Depedro, Local Correspondent

Blizzard warnings! Beer! Helping abandoned canines!

The weather had pretty much gone to the dogs that night, so it would only make sense that the first official concert that I was finally able to catch by local rockers Wyntr would as well. By this I mean that the band was amongst several other local acts playing a benefit show to raise money for the Ottawa Humane Society for a campaign known as One 4 The Dogs. Pretty much lured to the event on the promise of a free beer or two and because I’d been suffering from cabin fever, this was as good of a reason to catch this show.

Fortunately, nobody screwed the pooch on this performance.

Opening with “Pinkeye” (yes, an actual song title), the quartet comprised of Will Andrade (vocals), Lorne Keefe (drums), Bob Ross (bass) and Ryan Conway (guitar/vocals) brought out an energetic 45 minute performance of their entire catalogue. Wyntr’s music is best described as a thorough mix of rock, hard rock and even hints of alternative rock with some metal thrown into the mix for some decent measure. Frontman Will Andrade has a voice well steeped in standard hard rock such as when he’s taking on loose numbers such as “Backburner” but he can deliver with the grunge metal vocals on powerful bangers such as “Skull Light”, “Hell” and their self-titled namesake. Despite the small turnout in the front row save for myself and one other photographer, Will still manages to whip the rest of the band into a solid frenzy as if they were playing to a crowd of thousands. Guitarist Ryan Conway, bringing with him over a decade and a half’s worth of live playing experience to the band’s sound and attitude, certainly plays in that same manner as he’s effortlessly controlling the groove and the rhythm of his instrument one minute and then crafting and crashing out a neat solo the next. Let’s just say that one doesn’t expect songs titled “Cow”, “Toilet” or “Sandwich” to suddenly boast a solid guitar hook or riff in between their freestyling and fast punk/grunge hybrid but it still works. Finally, the bottom end rhythm talents of Lorne Keefe and Bob Ross shape out the raw primal sound Wyntr have successfully honed and crafted over the past year.

At the end of their performance, Wyntr go above and beyond the call of duty and help to raffle off one of their instruments for One 4 The Dogs and I got to hang out with the band afterwards for the remaining performances of the evening.

To summarize, despite the cold, Wyntr made for the perfect change in the weather that night for anyone looking to drop the leash.

Wyntr @ The Rainbow Bistro March 8, 2019

Welcome to our Website!

Hey everyone welcome to our brand new freakishly cool website! For those of you who don’t know us we’re Wyntr, a hard-rock band from Ottawa, Canada. Bear with us as we get all moved in and comfy, unpack the jam shoes, find the fusebox, that sort of thing. We plan to pack this place full of awesome stuff like music, videos, photos, show announcements and band news over the next few weeks so bookmark us and check back often! 


It’s a little cramped but we’ll figure it out…