…and then there were three

We haven’t updated this blog in a bit…fixing that now 🙂

September and October were interesting months to say the least. We didn’t play any shows in September but our beat-master Lorne Keefe ran a freaking marathon! Yeah, he does that. Last year he ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon to raise funds for breast cancer and this year he ran in the Canada Army Run here in Ottawa. How cool is that!

In October we parted ways with Will Andrade, who has moved on to the lead vocals role in Soul in Stone (check out their Facebook page here!). We wish Will all the best in his new project and we look forward to sharing the stage with him again on December 7th at the Rainbow Bistro for the CHEO benefit, where Soul in Stone will be performing along with The Dirty Deeds Club, Danny Van Sceney, Psychosonic, The Power Goats and, of course, us!

We spent the rest of October transforming ourselves into a trio. Ryan Conway stepped up to do vocals in addition to his guitar duties and we went through the material one song at a time making the necessary changes. We got to put it all to the test on November 2nd at Moose McGuire’s. We think it turned out well!

The next task was to re-record the vocals on as many songs as we could and that process in ongoing…Sandwich and Pinkeye are done, the rest will trickle out as we finish them.

So that’s about it for now, check back often for more news and happenings!